• More Than Coatings

    While blasting and coating formed the
    beginning of our business, Timco is also
    capable of metalizing, demolition, clearing,
    dirt work, welding, erosion/corrosion control
    and much more.

  • Blasting & Coatings

    Timco has completed numerous projects and
    contracts with the US Army Corps of Engineers
    in Tulsa, OK. Timco has over 30 years of
    experience ranging from city municipalities
    to large energy companies.

  • Experience counts!

    Timco has over 75 years of combined
    experience. We have worked with many
    companies and entities from private to
    government to help them solve coating
    solutions for their specific applications.
    Plane painted by Timco for the Air Guard.

  • Media, Soda, Water

    We have the capabilities and resources to
    provide job coordination as well as industrial
    and environmental support, media blasting,
    soda blasting, water blasting, various
    painting and industrial coating techniques
    and construction services.

  • Pipelines & Storage

    The integrity of our country’s storage facilities
    and pipelines is of great importance. Timco is
    capable of maintenance projects including
    blasting/coating, right of way clearing and
    maintenance, as well as other erosion and
    corrosion control techniques.

  • Trucking

    We can disassemble, transport, and
    re-assemble any product your company may
    need protected. We have a full service line of
    semi trucks and licensed CDL drivers.

  • Safety First

    While quality, time, and productivity are all
    important parts of Timco’s success, safety is
    our number one concern. We take great
    pride in the fact that we have had no serious
    accidents since the company was formed

About Us

With over 100 years combined experience and more than $100,000,000 in commitments, we proudly serve Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas in the following market segments:

Industrial Construction

Petrochemical Plants


Energy (Oils and Gas)

Hydroelectric (Dams)

Power Houses


Commercial Construction

Timco Blasting & Coatings constantly works to stay ahead of the curve, which is imperative in today's fast-paced and competitive environment. That is what sets Timco apart from its competition.

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Environmental Action Inc.

Image of one of our contamination containment processes.  Timco cares about the environment!

Our History

We started as a blasting and coating business in 1989 and expanded our services to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

Timco has the capabilities and resources to provide proper job coordination, and has a highly qualified quality control team.

Timco has certified welders on staff and is C3 and C5 certified in de-leading of industrial structures. Timco has provided services in extremely secure locations and all employees have satisfactorily completed background checks and drug screenings.

Our employees and management personnel take great pride in providing a quality product and always go the extra mile to ensure safety and customer satisfaction are held as the TOP priorities. We provide prompt, courteous, and professional service that is designed to meet the customers' time, budget, and needs.